Adult Coaching

Join our Adult Coaching programs

Everybody who plays tennis, from first timers to Roger Federer, benefits from coaching and it’s never too late to improve your game.

We have something to suit you – whether your focus is on fitness, competition or just for the pure enjoyment.  We provide tennis lessons and fitness sessions for groups and individuals at all our venues and at private courts.


Adult Tennis Coaching in the South East

Group Coaching

We coach hundred of adults every week in group sessions across all our venues.

However your day is shaped you’ll be able to pick a time that suits you.

Group lessons give people the chance to improve their skills against others of a similar level. Learning in this way improves your tennis while expanding your tennis network.

Pay and Play

If you’re looking to play more tennis but can’t always commit each week then our pay & play sessions are perfect.  The sessions consist of an hour of drills and 30 minutes of match practice run by one of our coaches. It’s open to all members and you don’t need to book –  just turn up, pay and play.

One to One

If you’re looking for more focused teaching or want to take your skills to the next level, then we also offer individual coaching. This can be rewarding for people at all levels, from beginners to competitive players. We can help with all aspects of tennis including technique, strategy, physical fitness and the psychology of the game.

Cardio Tennis

Elevate your fitness and tennis game simultaneously with Hotshotz’s Cardio Tennis group. Combining high-energy workouts with tennis drills, this group is designed to boost your endurance, agility, and on-court performance. Join us for a heart-pumping session that turns fitness into fun on the tennis court.

Rusty Rackets Group

Rediscover the joy of tennis and polish your skills in a supportive atmosphere with Hotshotz’s Rusty Rackets group. Perfect for those returning to the game or looking to refine their technique, this group provides a welcoming environment for players of all levels to dust off their rackets and get back into the swing of things.