Safe-Guarding Policy


  1. All of our staff are DBS checked including any assistants aged 16 and over.
  2. All staff receive an induction to ensure they are fully aware of safeguarding policies.
  3. We will prioritise the well-being of all children at all times.
  4. We will treat all children fairly and with respect.
  5. Our coaches aim to be positive role models and act with integrity, even when no one is looking.
  6. Staff will help to create a safe and inclusive environment both on and off court.
  7. Rough or dangerous behaviour, bullying or the use of bad or inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
  8. We value and celebrate diversity and make all reasonable efforts to meet individual needs.
  9. Hotshotz will have the relevant consent from parents/carers, children and adults before taking or using photos and videos. Please ensure you have ticked the relevant box on the registration form.
  10. Coaches will refrain from making physical contact with children unless it is necessary as part of an emergency or congratulatory (e.g. handshake / high five)
  11. We will ensure roles and responsibilities are clearly outlined and everyone has the required information and training.
  12. Coaches will avoid being alone with a child unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  13. Children will be supervised at all times, including accompanying them on visits to the toilet facilities, when necessary, in line with LTA governing body guidelines

By joining Hotshotz lessons/camps/tournaments children agree to: 

  1. Be friendly, supportive and welcoming to other children and adults.
  2. Play fairly and honestly.
  3. Respect club staff, volunteers and Officials and accept their decisions.
  4. Behave, respect and listen to their coach.
  5. Take care of their equipment and club property.
  6. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of age, gender, ability, race, culture, religion or sexual identity.
  7. Not use bad, inappropriate or racist language, including on social media
  8. Not bully, intimidate or harass anyone, including on social media

By signing up to Hotshotz lessons/camps/tournaments parents agree to: 

  1. Positively reinforce your child and show an interest in their tennis.
  2. Use appropriate language at all times.
  3. Be realistic and supportive.
  4. Never ridicule or admonish a child for making a mistake or losing a match.
  5. Treat all children, adults, volunteers, coaches, officials and members of staff with respect.
  6. Behave responsibly at the venue; do not embarrass your child.
  7. Accept the official’s decisions and do not go on court or interfere with matches.
  8. Encourage your child to play by the rules, and teach them that they can only do their best.
  9. Deliver and collect your child punctually from the venue. If you are going to be late, please let us have plenty of warning.
  10. Ensure your child has used the toilet facilities before the start of the session.
  11. Ensure your child has appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.
  12. Ensure that your child understands their code of conduct.
  13. Adhere to your venue’s safeguarding policy, diversity and inclusion policy, rules and regulations.
  14. Provide emergency contact details and any relevant information about your child including medical history.
  15. Although it is recommended that children under 13 are not left unattended by parents, we have conducted a full risk assessment at each venue and are happy for children to be left.


Further information on venue specific safeguarding policies can be found through the links below:

Club Welfare Officer

Mimi Hoffman – 07739 535 284 or

Club Welfare Officer

Tom Henson – 07759 429282  or

Club Welfare Officer

Anne Marie Doyle – 07731 864 807 or


Marden Sports Club

Club Welfare Officer

Amanda Payne-Cook – 07580 496272 or

Club Welfare Officer

Sally Herd –

Club Welfare Officer

Sophie MacLaren –

Club Welfare Officer

Laura White – 01892 487757 or




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Review due 20/11/2025…………………